Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday from New Hampshire

Linking up (a day late) with Sandra at Diary of a SaHM for Happy Homemaker's Monday.

For the next few months I am going to be a displaced homemaker.  We are in New Hampshire for awhile, staying with my best friend in the world.  The job market in Michigan was so bare that I had been looking for work for nearly 5 months to no avail.  I've been in NH for a week and have had 7 interviews!  I hope to start one of these jobs within the next few days :)

The weather:  It's been pretty gray and dismal most of the time that we have been here.  It's been anywhere from 25 (at night) to nearly 80 one day.  I think the weather is crazier here than in Michigan.  But oh, is it beautiful!

Photo: We ended up taking a long, scenic drive near the Wildlife Preserve.  Next time I hope to find the entrance!

Right now I am:  Coloring my hair!  The roots and white hair were showing through much too much!  I am also puppy-sitting my Goddaughter's sweet little Charlie.

Photo: Isn't he so cute?  Heather Pelletier  Elise McGondel

Thinking:  About several job interviews that I have lined up - and how I will fit homeschooling around work.  My best friend works from home, so she will be there to make sure that the work gets done!  LOL  But the important time spent together learning and growing will have to be a priority.

On my reading pile:  I just finished reading a really cute mystery set in an inn in Maine.  I've already forgotten the name - it was a freebie on my Nook.  Reading Pride and Prejudice with Emily for homeschool.  Hopefully will start another book tonight.

On my tv:  Mostly have been watching kid/teen shows (a lot of Drake & Josh!) but I plan to watch Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones this week.

Menu: Well this is a bit different since I am staying with my friend - some nights we all eat together as a family and other nights it's just us.  I do plan on making a baked bowtie pasta casserole and I've been wanting some homemade guacamole and breakfast burritos. 

On my to do list:  Job interviews!  Laundry, homeschooling, puppy-sitting, sight-seeing, picture-taking and spending as much time as I can with my bestest and Goddaughter while we are here.

What I am creating:  Well, we did make some nature art this week - but that is about it at the moment!

From the camera:  We visited this cemetery yesterday - it was just so incredibly beautiful! 

Photo: Saw this cemetery today - some of the graves date back to 1654!

In my prayers:  My kids, my friends, the country & the election.

Bible quote/devotional:  I am doing the Adventurous Prayer Bible study right now (my church is doing this back home and I am following along here somewhat) 

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know"  Jeremiah 33:3

Have a very blessed week,