Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, hosted by the Org Junkie! Here is my menu for the week:


Breakfast: Banana pancakes and turkey sausage

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup

Dinner: Spaghetti with mini meat balls, green beans

*Cook ahead: Boiled eggs, breakfast burrito filling


Breakfast: Breakfast burrito (similar to this link)

Lunch: 1/2 pita sandwich, yogurt, banana

Dinner: Arroz con Pollo side of broccoli


Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ PB2 & banana

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Lemon pepper tilapia, green beans, bulgar pilaf

*Make extra tilapia & bulgar pilaf for tomorrow


Breakfast: Boiled egg w/ turkey sausage, banana

Lunch: 1/2 pita sandwich, soup

Dinner: fish tacos, bulgar pilaf salad (Will use leftover bulgar pilaf, chilled, and add a can of Mexicorn, lemon juice, cilantro, and some black beans)


Breakfast: Breakfast burrito to go

Lunch: 1/2 pita sandwich, banana, yogurt

Dinner: Parents' house


Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel w/ PB2

Lunch: OUT?????

*Make extra chicken breast for tomorrow's lunch


Breakfast: Omelet bar (will make mine with Egg Beaters)

Dinner: Parent's house


I'm broke. Beyond broke. Thanks to my work closing for a week and then getting behind on paying us, I have emptied my savings, borrowed, begged, and - ok, well I haven't stolen. But I'm digging myself out of the money pit right now! But that doesn't mean that I am not secretly (or not so secretly?) coveting some lovely spring items right now!

I really and truly want this bag from handbag heaven:

Tina at T-Minus T-Plus twittered a link to this really cute pink scarf. Not sure what I'd do with it - but I love it! Sparkly and pink.

I think the reason why I want this is because of a post I read of Case's yesterday - where she paired a bubblegum pink tank with a gray shrug and pink flower-broach. Really cute.

I also want a pair of wedges - but I have "weak ankles" - aka I've sprained them each about ten times and broken the left one twice. HOWEVER - that doesn't make me not want cute shoes.

I most definitely want to try out a couple of the looks from Fab Finds Under $50's May Inspiratrion Calendar!

I also want some espadrilles, lettuce-edged tanks, a new maxi dress, and some black summery shoes with a flower on top - something like these and these pink ones are cute too!

So these are a few of my favorite (coveted) things - what are yours?

By the way - the only thing I will be adding to my wardrobe this week is 2 lettuce-edged tanks from Fashion Bug - IF I can use my coupon that is ;)


*Edited to add: I did go to Fashion Bug! I got a black tank top with small sequins all over the front, a black pj top with cherries on it (already have pj pants) a purple lace and lettuce-edged tank top, and a black and white tank top - used my coupon plus b1g150% off - total? 37 dollars!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starting Over at Forty (GASP!) One!

So I've most definitely neglected my blog for some time now. But there is just so much going on in my head that I really need somewhere to "unload".

I turned 41 last week. I've made a whole lot of changes in the past year! There are still a lot more that I need to make.

My best friend in the world came to visit me about 10 days ago. We had a great time just doing fun girly things. Made me realize how much I miss spending time with my girlfriends! I will most definitely be accepting invitations now instead of always turning them down. My bestest and I went to downtown Detroit for an authentic Greek dinner with a couple of my other close friends and my sister, then hit the casino. (Not my scene - but an adventure and fun nonetheless!) We went to a mall I've never been to and a store I have never gone to before that I adore (Torrid). Went to an indoor trade center, several restaurants, and out to a bar with an old friend. I miss her bunches!

Last week my Sweetheart and I spent several days together over my birthday. He spoiled me rotten. What a guy. *sigh* He has a way of making me laugh with just a look. He makes me feel loved, cared for, and even (gasp!) beautiful. He's breaking down walls - I'm tellin ya! There are still a few remaining, but I know those will be gone with time as well. I love this man more than I can express in words.

Anyway - on to the nitty gritty for the rest of the week!

My menu plan:

Tuesday: Roast chicken, rice pilaf, steamed veggies & green salad

Wednesday: Priya's Chicken Vindaloo over rice with a side of green beans

Thursday: Dinner with my parents

Friday: Having a "girls night" with my daughters - so I'm thinking we will have something fun, like tacos, fresh veggies and dip.

Saturday: Dinner with my parents again!

My TA DO list for the rest of the week:


Take dd14 to school, laundry x2, dishes, vacuum, menu plan, homeschool, shopping, work x6 hrs, errands, take dd11 and dc2 (dear cat, 2) for a walk to the park, and watch special 90-minute GLEE!


Take dd14 to school, work 9-3ish, spend time doing something fun with the kidlets, homeschool, post office, bank, walk or ride exc. bike, sweep kitchen/bathroom floors, dust. 2 hours work @ home.


Take dd 14 to school, work 9-3ish, homeschool, pick up THE BOY after school, go to my parents house until about 7ish with the kids. Weather permitting, go for a walk with the girls. Watch Grey's Anatomy (I hope).


Take dd14 to school. Pay rent. Big homeschool day - lots of fun stuff going on - will post. Walk or bike - weather permitting. Pick up dd from school. Come home for girls night. Dinner, nature walk, and a movie - not sure what yet.


Hang out with my girls. No plans. Just fun :) Going to my parents about 4. Going home at 7 with THE BOY for his special night. Probably going to just watch a movie here at home with some popcorn - unless there is a hockey game on - then it's hockey all the way!


Make a special breakfast - banana pancakes and turkey sausage for THE BOY. Take the BOY to his dad's house. CHURCH. Going to my old church this weekend. I've been feeling the call to go and visit old friends there. Miss everyone and the pastors. Sunday afternoon is lesson planning, laundry, overall home blessing, more work!