Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not My Best Week....

I ended up not having a very good week last week.  There were moments!  Great, healthy moments you can't wait to track and discuss in groups.  Raw veggies, salads, and lots of water!  But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there were also things that you'd never even whisper in front of your closest friend.  Fast food.  Junk food.  Lethargy......

Today is a brand new week.  I will plan.  I will follow plan.  I will have a healthy week!

Breakfasts:  Oatmeal all week long!    But it's oatmeal with a TBS of almond butter OR a hard-boiled egg) and a piece of fruit  with a cup of tea

Lunches:  Sandwiches on whole grain sandwich thins, or a salad with added protein, or leftovers, plus Greek yogurt. 

Work snacks:  (Not all of these in one day - but these are my choices)  String cheese, almonds or Triscuits, fruit, veggies & hummus, boiled egg, seafood snackers (I love these things - 80 calories, no fat, full of protein!)  


SUNDAY:  Stir-fried pork with lots of veggies and brown rice + green salad

MONDAY:  Turkey dogs + mac n cheese  (Daughter's choice - will utilize control!!!  That is the plan anyway! 

TUESDAY:  Steak, baked potato, and green beans

WEDNESDAY:  Spark Recipe - Chicken & Asparagus Pasta (I'm going to stick in extra veggies though!!!) 

THURSDAY:  Eat Out Night - Probably Subway!