Sunday, November 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So we did a whole lot of shopping last week, stocking up with the Kroger sale and our monthly trip to Sam's Club. This week I am just going to get a few things from Aldi and we'll be set!

Tonight I am making a really simple beef and gravy in the Crock pot and will serve it over mashed potatoes (noodles for the 2 of us who don't like mashed) with a side of steamed broccoli and a green salad.

For Monday night, it's jambalaya. Just from a lower-sodium mix - adding onion, green pepper, shrimp, turkey sausage, and chicken. Side of steamed veggies. Kids will be eating chicken nuggets and fries. (Can't please them all. LOL)

Tuesday is my long work day, so I need another Crock recipe. So I headed on over to a Year of Slow Cooking blog and searched under chicken. There I found 69 recipes. The one I chose for this week is Chicken Adobo. It looks amazing! It also looks like something my girls will eat, lol.

Wednesday I have off from work. I thought I'd make a family favorite, Rachel Ray's Taco Pasta Toss.

Thursday we spend at my parent's house for dinner.

Friday I'm going to try a new recipe, Chicken and Potato casserole. I'll serve it with a side of mixed corn, peppers, and asparagus (frozen veggies)

Saturday we'll spend with my parents again!

Have a very blessed week everyone,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shopping, reading, and movie update!

I hit some of the sales today. At Kroger I got some super cheap frozen veggies, boxed potatoes, cereal, noodles, pies, and lots more. I ended up paying 69 dollars for a huge basket full. I still don't have the focus and skill of some of you super shoppers! But I do love seeing the numbers come down when they take the coupons off!

I began watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman today. So far just the pilot. It's funny, but Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom seems to have almost the same taste in movies, tv shows and books as I do! If she says she is loving a series, I generally do too :) So that is why I put Dr. Quinn in my Netflix queue. And yes, of course, I absolutely LOVED the pilot! I am super excited because now I will have 9 full seasons to watch! Woohoo!

Reading-wise, I just started the 3rd book in the Rock Harbor Mysteries by Colleen Coble. She is a Christian author that I enjoy quite a lot. These are set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - near places I've been and the most breathtaking scenery! The books center on a woman, her son, and her search and rescue dog. Very enjoyable reading.

Tonight for dinner I'm making what is becoming an old stand-by - chicken and vegetable curry over basmati rice with a green salad. I didn't use to like anything too spicy or anything with heat - and now I just love it! The kids are eating plain rice, plain chicken, and plain veggies. My kids do NOT have an adventurous spirit when it comes to food! Especially my two older ones.

Oh, back to shopping - I went to Target's 4-day pre-Thanksgiving sale today. I am participating in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree and I chose 2 six-year-old girls and one elderly woman. The girls need clothes, pajamas, and socks and the elderly woman needs pajamas and slippers. The girls wanted games and Littlest Pet Shops and the woman, baking pans. Just about everything on their list was on BIG sale at Target today! I was blessed to be able to get everything they wanted and needed and some special surprises for them as well.

Dinner is just about done - better get the food on the table before the kids revolt!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

And God Leads the Way

My mind is a jumble lately. I feel like I'm being led in a certain direction, yet I don't know if I have the courage to follow it. I'm at a crossroads and it's going to take a lot of very hard work to do what God is asking me to do.

Do you ever feel led? Or do you ignore those strong feelings that you should do something remarkable? Do you just think it's a fleeting thought, or do you realize that God is telling you what He expects from you?

I'm stuck in the here and now. On the little things. On the things I can control. The simple. The WIDE path.

I can't do both. I can't continue doing what I am doing AND do what I feel led to do.

Joyce Meyer once said to think of having a locker in Heaven, filled with gifts from God. If you don't take them when you are here on earth, you'll get to Heaven and see all the exciting and wonderful things He had planned for you that you missed out on!

I guess I'm scared because I don't know all the details. HOW I'm going to get from here to where He wants me to be!

For now I'm going to pray about it.

But tell me - have you ever felt like this?