Friday, December 28, 2012

As the Year Ends.....

Yes, it's been at least forever since I've updated my blog ....  but I have missed it and I plan to do so with much greater frequency in 2013!

So I have been in New Hampshire for the past couple of months and I have the most amazing job.  I'm working as a patient advocate for those who have been in auto or work accidents.  I help them get their hospital bills paid so they don't end up seeing a bill or even be put into collections.  It puts together a lot of my favorite things and (i think) plays to my strengths!  The company is wonderful, my co-workers are friendly, and my boss is incredible.

Other than that, I am not crazy about NH.  I have not acclimated well.  I miss Michigan.  Thanks to God and my very selfless family, my dad drove all the way to NH to bring us home for Christmas!  I've been here for a week and it has been really great!  Spending time all together as a family was the best Christmas present!

I'm working on my NY's resolutions.  I know a lot of people hate resolutions.  Or they hate calling them resolutions.  Or maybe they just despise change in general ...   but I love planning.  I love making lists.  I want to put things down in writing and give myself the hope of a better me in the future.  Nothing harmful in that as along as you try, right?  Doesn't mean you have to accomplish everything on the list - but at least strive for improvement.

On a different note, I hit some great after-Christmas sales.  I got a few work blouses for 60% off and some really inexpensive makeup and perfume with sales and coupons!  Now I have to put the shopping bug away and save, save, save so I can get my family into a cozy little home so I can stop living like a nomad!

So that is what I have been up to.  I hope anyone reading this is doing well and feeling blessed!