Friday, July 30, 2010

My First Weight Watchers Meeting

Boy it's been a busy day! But I am proud of myself! Some of you know, I deal with anxiety issues and have a problem with going to new places and being in new situations. I got myself up and out the door and to my first WW meeting all with very little anxiety! Woot!

Not surprisingly, everyone there was SO nice. The regular leader for Friday's meeting is on vacation, so there was someone else who filled in. We talked about snacking today and what the best snack options are.

There was a 14-year-old girl there with her mother and I told her that I would be bringing my 14yo in the next week or two! (Waiting for letter from pediatrician) They can motivate eachother and hopefully become friends.

I've always said that I feel out of place at WW meetings (I joined several times, the last being about 8 years ago) because it seems like most of the people there need to lose 30 pounds or so. Today when I walked in I was NOT the heaviest woman there! WOOT! HURRAY! There were a few of us with a good 100-200 pounds to lose!

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I love STUFF. I sometimes even have issues with shopping - it makes me happy. *sigh* But they gave me my little booklet and my pamphlets and oh - I get e-tools too - but I will always be a Spark girl!

After the meeting I bought the new members thingie w/ the dining out guide, recipe book, points book and 3-month tracker. I bought the tracker cover, a box of 1-pt red velvet bars (OMG so good) some pretzel/cracker things, and a water bottle. (told you)

Of course I had a little shopping high - so I went in to Catherine's, which is conveniently located next door! They had an extra 60% off of clearance and I have a 10% off members card. I ended up with a long nightgown (my kids call them moo-moos - whatever, I love them and I will wear them forever) and a black shrug. I only spent 24 bucks! Yay!

Then I went to Meijer and got loads of healthy foods (of course) like Egg beaters and turkey sausage and Flat Out wraps and corn on the cob and some apriums (I think they are another cross between apricots and plums? will look them up) and some dessert pears (no idea - I'll take a pic and tell u what they taste like) and other goodness. I picked up Jillian Michael's book "Winning by Losing" - for motivation. Never can get enough of that.

I bought a measuring tape, measuring cups and spoons too. Our measuring cups are always in the dishwasher. My daughter measures everything too.

So yes, shopping high.

Now I have to finish picking up the house and then I'm headed downstairs for a workout! 30 minutes on the bike and Spark strength exercises.

Dinner is chicken on the grill, corn on the cob, green beans, salad, Texmati rice veggie blend and watermelon. Yum!

Oh, and I will tell u now - I have nowhere near enough points for the day. I have to work on that. I get 38? 39? Will have to check. I eat a lot of veggies and fruits and most of them have 0 points per serving.

Better get back to housework so I can get my workout in! After dinner I am going for a short walk with my sister. My feet are killing me so I doubt I'll even make it a mile - but every little bit counts!

Blessings and hugs,


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving ahead

So my pity party is officially OVER. I woke up this morning determined and focused! Yay me!

I got up and made breakfast -

Thomas' bagel thin in everything flavor (LOVE)
1 large egg, 3 strips turkey bacon
1/4 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup cherries, 1/2 cup seedless black grapes - yummy!

Worked my way through the Internet, updated my weight loss journal (I have a few - I have a book I keep notes in and a motivational binder and other stuff - I'll share someday!) and then went downstairs for a workout!

I did about 10 minutes of stretching, did squats and lunges 10 minutes of abs, then 40 minutes on the recumbent bike! That is my new record. I did 9.2 miles. Yay me! I've only been using it about 2-ish weeks. I started at 2 miles. I love being able to build up so quickly! After that I used a 32.6 lb barbell and did curls and I'm not sure what the other stuff is called. Then some not even girl pushups (my upper body is laughably not strong - so I use the air hockey table and do pushups off that) and finally used my resistance bands for more upper body work. I was downstairs about 90 minutes! For me that is simply incredible. I feel awesome!

Lunch was a big salad topped w/ protein.

2 cups of "very veggie" Dole salad mix
1 cup English cucumber
3 oz Tyson grilled chicken
1/4 cup reduced fat feta cheese
2 tbs reduced fat italian parmesan dressing
and 1 large banana

I'm not quite ready to divulge my weight here on this blog - but hopefully at some point I will. I'm not sure who I'm hiding from - as everyone who knows me obviously can see how much I weigh! All in good time, all in good time.

Anyway -- I use Spark People (can't say enough good things about it!) and they set my calorie range really really high - like 2250 average? I just try to stick to around 1800 at the moment. I am joining Weight Watchers on Friday and will go with their points system - which if I read right will give me 38 points? Not sure if that is the old system or new. I'll update. (If you go to WW, you now know how heavy I am. ha!)

Dinner was at Mom's. Had tortilla encrusted tilapia with wild rice, corn on the cob and salad. Yum. Sis and I went for a walk after dinner and then I had Skinny Cow strawberry cheesecake icecream. Oh. My. Goodness. That stuff is the best! 150 calories of yummy-liciousness!

All in all a good day.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beware: Wild Woman High on Hormones

I feel terrible today. Worse than terrible. I feel like my body has been thrown around a mosh pit, only to be dropped and trampled on. Thank you monthly gift.

I've been reading so many weight loss blogs and healthy cooking blogs lately for motivation. And they ARE a lot of motivation. However, today they are making me feel guilty. Everyone seems to have better mojo than I do. If I want to do this, REALLY do this, I need to become more dedicated and determined.

I promised my daughters I would take them to the drive in tonight and see "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "Karate Kid". Weeeeeeee. I'm going to take my current read with me, "The Shack" by William P. Young.

Speaking of weight loss and books, I just finished reading the cutest chic-lit book called "He Loves Lucy" by Susan Donovan. It's a highly enjoyable quick read. Perfect for the beach or road trip.

I need to wake up tomorrow with a new resolve. I need NOT TO FAIL tomorrow. I need not to binge. (By binge I mean eat 500-700 calories within 30 minutes before I even realize what I've done. Going off plan for stupid things like pudding and granola bars) I need to stick to my workout plan. I need to get my fat butt to Weight Watchers for more consistency. *sigh*

Tonight for dinner I baked chicken in the oven with some Mrs. Dash and Lemon Pepper seasoning with baked potatoes. I ate a can of chili and some Sun Chips. I'm so ashamed of my lack of willpower. I'm so irritated with myself! I don't want to be like this. I want to be strong and in control and I want to feel HUMAN. Not only that, I want to feel feminine again. I want to more than a mom, a daughter, an employee, a friend -- I want to be ME. I want to be a person. A whole person.

So that was all quite serious. My mood is particularly foul. But tomorrow is another day!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

And she lives!

Ok, I absolutely suck and haven't posted in 2 months. Life has kept me busy and blessed.

We went on vacation to Busch Gardens in VA, the Virginia Aquarium, Washington DC, New York City, New Hampshire, and Boston. It was exhausting and tortuous and wonderful.

I'm down 46 pounds now. I officially started on August 7th of last year. I ate healthy and exercised for two months, lost 25 pounds, then I quit for 5 months. I gained back 15 pounds. I restarted in March of this year and here I am. So it sounds like I am the slowest loser in the world if I say I lost 50 pounds in one year (I hope to make the 50-lb lost mark by Aug 7th) so I have to let people know that I was MIA for 5 months of that. But whose weight loss journey is straight and narrow anyway?

Dinner tonight was chicken teriyaki. I diced up about 10 different veggies, chicken, made brown rice and used a low calorie teriyaki sauce. It was pretty good. Served it with salad.

Tomorrow is back to work and I just dread it. My work is just crazy.

I tried a new fruit today. A pluot. It's 30% apricot and 70% plum. Insanely good. Sweet, juicy, and pretty to look at.

Have a great week,