Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm broke. Beyond broke. Thanks to my work closing for a week and then getting behind on paying us, I have emptied my savings, borrowed, begged, and - ok, well I haven't stolen. But I'm digging myself out of the money pit right now! But that doesn't mean that I am not secretly (or not so secretly?) coveting some lovely spring items right now!

I really and truly want this bag from handbag heaven:

Tina at T-Minus T-Plus twittered a link to this really cute pink scarf. Not sure what I'd do with it - but I love it! Sparkly and pink.

I think the reason why I want this is because of a post I read of Case's yesterday - where she paired a bubblegum pink tank with a gray shrug and pink flower-broach. Really cute.

I also want a pair of wedges - but I have "weak ankles" - aka I've sprained them each about ten times and broken the left one twice. HOWEVER - that doesn't make me not want cute shoes.

I most definitely want to try out a couple of the looks from Fab Finds Under $50's May Inspiratrion Calendar!

I also want some espadrilles, lettuce-edged tanks, a new maxi dress, and some black summery shoes with a flower on top - something like these and these pink ones are cute too!

So these are a few of my favorite (coveted) things - what are yours?

By the way - the only thing I will be adding to my wardrobe this week is 2 lettuce-edged tanks from Fashion Bug - IF I can use my coupon that is ;)


*Edited to add: I did go to Fashion Bug! I got a black tank top with small sequins all over the front, a black pj top with cherries on it (already have pj pants) a purple lace and lettuce-edged tank top, and a black and white tank top - used my coupon plus b1g150% off - total? 37 dollars!

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