Friday, October 29, 2010

Two yummy recipes

I'm sorry that I have been so bad about updating. I spend so much time editing what I am going to say, it's basically whittled down to nothing!

I'll be doing my "Mama's Mission" update Sunday night - and I have to say that looking over my goals, I've done pretty well!

I made a couple new recipes this week - they were both quite good. The first was Mediterranean Chicken. I used green olives in place of black. It was tangy and tasty.

Tonight I made the Fiesta Chicken and it was really good. My 10-year-old had seconds.

I'm trying to come up with some new recipes for next week too. I do like the Kraft site quite a big, and I have subscribed to several recipe blogs.

How it he weather in your neck of the woods? We just had a big storm south of us two days ago and for three days it was really windy! Today was a gorgeous fall day though - and I have pictures to prove it, which I will post soon!

We have a fuzzy brown caterpillar living on our yellow mum outside. The closest I could find on Google is a fall webworm, which is disappointing as it is super cute and I named him Herman. I even pet him daily. Well - after the wind storm the mum was blown over and I thought that was the end of poor Herman. We found him today at the top of our porch, clinging to the brick wall. He lives!

Have a great weekend,


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