Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Accomplishments

So I made some good progress this October with my Mama's Mission. Here was the plan:

I'd quit one of my jobs - DONE
I would not care so much about material things - Um, still working on this.
I'd make arrangements for someone to do part of my "chauffeuring" - Less chauffeuring due to no more football.
I'd watch less television and be on the Internet less - yeah, working on that one too.

I would spend more time in nature - walking, taking pictures, drawing - Em and I went on several outings in nature and started a nature journal with drawings.
I would do family read alouds - Just reading to Em - still want to do this.
We'd do family movie nights - The kids and I have been watching a few shows together, but no movies.
I would go to church regularly and participate in the extra activities with my kids - I am involved with my new church and love it! We did trunk or treat and donated pillowcases for Little Dresses for Africa.
I'd listen to music more - I've been doing this too!
I would make time to write - I've always wanted to and I keep saying I will return to it after the kids are grown - I've been writing! :) And I signed up for Nanowrimo! Exciting!

So overall, it was a pretty good success story. I did enough to pat myself on the back and say:

Mission Accomplished

Let's see what November brings!


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  1. Good job! I am "patting you on the back" too!!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!