Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beware: Wild Woman High on Hormones

I feel terrible today. Worse than terrible. I feel like my body has been thrown around a mosh pit, only to be dropped and trampled on. Thank you monthly gift.

I've been reading so many weight loss blogs and healthy cooking blogs lately for motivation. And they ARE a lot of motivation. However, today they are making me feel guilty. Everyone seems to have better mojo than I do. If I want to do this, REALLY do this, I need to become more dedicated and determined.

I promised my daughters I would take them to the drive in tonight and see "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "Karate Kid". Weeeeeeee. I'm going to take my current read with me, "The Shack" by William P. Young.

Speaking of weight loss and books, I just finished reading the cutest chic-lit book called "He Loves Lucy" by Susan Donovan. It's a highly enjoyable quick read. Perfect for the beach or road trip.

I need to wake up tomorrow with a new resolve. I need NOT TO FAIL tomorrow. I need not to binge. (By binge I mean eat 500-700 calories within 30 minutes before I even realize what I've done. Going off plan for stupid things like pudding and granola bars) I need to stick to my workout plan. I need to get my fat butt to Weight Watchers for more consistency. *sigh*

Tonight for dinner I baked chicken in the oven with some Mrs. Dash and Lemon Pepper seasoning with baked potatoes. I ate a can of chili and some Sun Chips. I'm so ashamed of my lack of willpower. I'm so irritated with myself! I don't want to be like this. I want to be strong and in control and I want to feel HUMAN. Not only that, I want to feel feminine again. I want to more than a mom, a daughter, an employee, a friend -- I want to be ME. I want to be a person. A whole person.

So that was all quite serious. My mood is particularly foul. But tomorrow is another day!


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  1. It's always really hard when our mojo is down!
    Don't worry it will be back soon and i have no doubt that tomorrow will be a better day.