Sunday, July 25, 2010

And she lives!

Ok, I absolutely suck and haven't posted in 2 months. Life has kept me busy and blessed.

We went on vacation to Busch Gardens in VA, the Virginia Aquarium, Washington DC, New York City, New Hampshire, and Boston. It was exhausting and tortuous and wonderful.

I'm down 46 pounds now. I officially started on August 7th of last year. I ate healthy and exercised for two months, lost 25 pounds, then I quit for 5 months. I gained back 15 pounds. I restarted in March of this year and here I am. So it sounds like I am the slowest loser in the world if I say I lost 50 pounds in one year (I hope to make the 50-lb lost mark by Aug 7th) so I have to let people know that I was MIA for 5 months of that. But whose weight loss journey is straight and narrow anyway?

Dinner tonight was chicken teriyaki. I diced up about 10 different veggies, chicken, made brown rice and used a low calorie teriyaki sauce. It was pretty good. Served it with salad.

Tomorrow is back to work and I just dread it. My work is just crazy.

I tried a new fruit today. A pluot. It's 30% apricot and 70% plum. Insanely good. Sweet, juicy, and pretty to look at.

Have a great week,


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