Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Drugstore Plans

I am very, very short on funds this Christmas - so I need to make do with the little I have!!!  Here is my plan for Thanksgiving shopping at Rite Aid and Walgreen this year!  Going to do 2 trips to each store.

Rite Aid - 1st Trip

1 pair of ear buds (asked for by my daughter)  5 dollars (receive 5 dollars back in +up rewards)
2 bottles of Revlon Top Speed nail polish (for myself!)  6 dollars (receive 4 back in +up)
2 Dove deoderants (a necessity with 3 girls) 4 dollars (receive 2 back in +up)
2 Wet N Wild 9-piece Little Luxuries nail polish (Christmas gifts) 6 dollars (receive 4 +up)

1st trip:  Out of pocket cost:  $21 dollars - receive back in +up $17.50

Rite Aid - 2nd Trip

1.99 for 18-pack of Scunci bands (Stocking stuffers) (get 1.99 in +up)
1.50 for 2 Hot Wheels (stocking stuffer for my nephew) (get .50 +up)
5.00 for 2 Secret deoderant (get 3 in +up)
Fuzzy socks 4/2 (stocking stuffers)
2/3 throws (always need more blankets!)
3/2 VO5 shampoo & conditioner (get 1 +up)

Out of pocket  -  ZERO (pay with +ups) and receive back 6.50 +ups for next week

Walgreen - 1st Trip

2 Secret Body Splashes (ss for girls) 7.50 (get 550 back)
Revlon lip gloss (for me!) 4.99 (get 4 back)
Covergirl Wetslicks (ss for girl) 3.99 (get 2)

Out of pocket cost:  16.50 & get 11.50 back in rewards

Walgreen - 2nd Trip

Walgreen pain reliever PM .99 cents w/ coupon x2 = 1.98  (I use these)
32-count eyeshadow kid (Gift for daughter) 2.99
Tuf paper towels x2 w/ coupon = .78 cents
Oral B toothbrush 1.50 (get 1.50 back)
Cottonell bath tissue 12-pack 3.24 (with WG coupon & .75 manu q)
2/3 Scunci hair bands (more ss) (get 3 in rewards)

Out of pocket 75 cents!  Rewards for next week $4.50

So for $37.50 I will have:

6 small Christmas gifts
12 stocking stuffers
2 bottles of nail polish and a Revlon lip gloss for myself
4 sticks of deoderant
2 papertowels
12 rolls of toilet paper
1 toothbrush
2 bottles of pain reliever PM
3 bottles of shampoo/conditioner

and another 11 in rewards to spend next week :) 

I know I am not the best shopper and definitely not a coupon queen - I am sure that many others will show better deals and spend nearly nothing -  but I am happy with what I can do with what I have!!


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