Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where Less Will Be More

This past week has been very difficult.  I think I've been pretty difficult to be around too!  A lot of my stress is coming from my job.  Part of me thinks my job is such a blessing and I can't imagine working anywhere else.  On the other hand, the stress that comes along with it is so overwhelming at times that I can't always focus on what is REALLY important.  So I am at a crossroads.  I've been praying for months and months about whether or not to change jobs, and I believe God is telling me to stick it out.  Yet His voice is not always easy to determine......

I LOVE my life.  I have incredible children.  An amazing family and extended family.  Wonderful friends.  And so many Internet friends who bring such joy, wisdom, and community into my life.  Right now it's just the job that overshadows everything. 

So ........  my hours were cut, yet again.  I will make just enough to survive on, barely.  And I am ok with that.  There are people all over the world that quantify the word "enough" with a temporary structure for a home, one change of clothing, water they have to walk a mile for and boil before drinking, and a burlap sack of rice.  My "enough" is a kingdom compared to this.  And I try never, ever to forget that.

Anyway - so why am I complaining on my blog?  LOL!!!  I just want to do an about-face and make this blog more about how to do more with less.  How to make people and situations more important and "things" less important.

I also intend to really utilize those drug store bargains and grocery coupon near-freebies work for me in a tangible way.  I am going to pick and choose those that will give my family the most bang for my buck!

This week the only thing I'm doing is the Rite Aid Pantene deal.  2/7 and there is a 2 dollar +up reward making them 2/5 and there was a coupon in Sunday's paper for 3 dollars off - which will make Pantene 1 dollar per bottle.  I have +up rewards from last week to pay for the 2 bucks. 

I spent most of my life being in the throng of shoppers on Black Friday.  The past ten years or so whipping out my credit card on Cyber Monday.  Was it hard not to do it this year?  I won't lie - yeah - a little bit.  But not enough to matter :)



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