Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me!

Today is Friday - and I have all the windows open and the cool air feels wonderful!

I have the day planned as such:
7 - Take Jennah & friend to school
830 - Go back to bed for an hour!
930 - Up, dressed to shoes
945 - Drive out to work and see if there are checks to deposit - nada!
10 - Drive back home
1030 - Computer time
11 - Work doing transcription for ONE HOUR
12-2 - Homeschool with Em
2- Pick up Jennah & friend from school (another 30 minutes of HS in the car w/ Em)
3:15 - Finish up homeschool for the day
430 - Go to store and pick up fixin's for dinner (very unorganized this week!)
5:15 - Start dinner for family of 5 plus Jennah's friend who is staying the night
5:45 - Pick up Jake from football practice
6:15 - Dinner
6:45- Clean up kitchen
7 - Two hours of transcription work
9 - Computer time, t.v. time or movie time or book time :)
11 - BED!

In between everything I do five minute room rescues, clean hot spots, maybe a swish and swipe, 2 minute missions, etc. (If these don't sound familiar to you, check out the FlyLady!)

So what are your plans on this Friday?


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  1. I recognize the flylady lingo!! She saved my life. :) Sounds like a busy day.