Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plan Ahead Sunday and One Small Thing

I am linking up with LLRHomeschoolmom's meme "This Week's Goals".

I do an awful lot of planning on the weekends. I menu plan, lesson plan, cook ahead for the coming week, and try to pick out what I'll be wearing to work each day. If I don't, my busy week will overwhelm me and we will end up eating too much fast food and I may end up wearing a mismatched outfit. Ok - not really, but I do get very frustrated in the morning when I am trying to hurry and nothing I want to wear is clean or ironed or I can't find it. Yes, I'm THAT organized. LOL I also do manicures on all of us girls on Sundays too.

Done! I will post it later tonight for Menu Plan Monday! We got all of the grocery shopping done and I should have every single ingredient I need to make yummy dinners for the week!

I'm going to brown some ground beef to use to make unstuffed peppers one day in the Crock. Homemade chicken strips in the oven for the kids throughout the week for when they don't like what I cook (which is a LOT of the time for my two oldest kids). I'm going to make some egg salad and put together some 'healthified' breakfast sandwiches. That's about it.

Done! I put my entire lesson plan in the free online Homeschool Tracker. It took a couple of hours to get everything in there, but now I have a printable plan for the week and also at the end of the week can print out reports.

I hope to put together three outfits for the coming work week. I work 1/2 day Monday and a full day Tues and Thursday. It's pretty business casual for me. I try to wear dress pants and a blouse most days. Today I want to actually put together jewelry and everything and see how that goes.

I've decided to try and change just one small thing every week to make my life better in some way. I have so many things I need to change that it is just exhausting to think about. But if I break it down into just a small change every week - it may not be so bad.

This week my one small thing will be to bring lunch with me to work every day - even my 1/2 day! I end up starving and going through fast food - which I certainly don't need!

So let me ask this - do you plan ahead, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda gal? Do you have one small thing you'd like to change this week?

Enjoy the rest of this blessed Sunday and have a terrific week!



  1. I try to plan ahead, but it doesn't always work out, LOL! I really like the idea of changing one small thing every week. I'm the type of person that likes to change a lot all at once, so it's hard to remember to take small steps towards a large goal, rather than just rushing willy-nilly into things!

  2. We've been doing too much fast food lately too. I need to remember quick, easy foods when I do the grocery shopping.
    Janet W