Saturday, September 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Using my Crock!

I'm linking up with the Menu Plan Monday meme over at the Org Junkie's Blog!

I'm going to be carrying over a few meals from last week. We had dinner over my parents' house one night, and another night ran so late we ended up doing hot dogs and french fries!

BIG SUNDAY DINNER: Crock pot roast beef, potatoes, carrots, gravy, and croissant rolls with a green salad

Monday: Chicken with Broccoli - Rachael Ray's Recipe - over brown rice with salad

Tuesday: Long work day for me! Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. Side of green beans.

Wednesday: DS11's football game. Having dinner over my parents' house.

Thursday: Another long day for me. Crock pot White Chicken Chili.

Friday: Asian turkey burgers and oven fries

Saturday: We'll be having dinner with my parents once again.

Have a wonderful week,


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  1. Hey Sherri thanks for stopping by Morningstar Academy!!!! I recently moved over to blogger from homeschool blogger and am still trying to get my blog in order on blogger.
    Loved reading about your life on both your blogs! I admire you for working and homeschooling and having kids in school. Amazing to me. That is hard work and dedication. I picked this post to comment on because this is the time of year the crockpots get pulled out and dusted off! ( yep I have more than one!) I love love love using my crockpot during the school year. So I am gleaning some recipes from you!!!! Here is a fav crockpot site I use. Stephanie has even written a book based on her blog / crockpot experience.
    I hope to get back into a regular blog schedule. Posting often. Looking forward to getting to know you.