Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kinda whiney post - but I meant well :)

My son had his first official football game today. He's almost 12 and in 7th grade. I forget what his position is called - I think he's an offensive lineman? Something like that. Anyway - he had to wear a shirt and tie to school today (first time in his life!) and I got to tie his tie this morning and it was just so cool. He's been waiting to play football for a few years now. He always played soccer but didn't really enjoy it. He LOVES football. He comes home from practice exhausted and soaking wet and downs an entire bottle of G2 (think diet Gatorade) in the car on the way home. I'm so happy he's found something he can BELONG to. A group to be a part of.

Anyway - his practices and games are one small part of what is making my life utterly CRAZY busy. A year ago I worked a 4-hour day and then came home and, well, didn't do much of anything to be honest. Now I get up and take my one daughter to grandma's, go to work for a full day, pick her up, come home and make dinner, pick up my son from practice, eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, homeschool my youngest in the evenings and then sometimes work another couple of hours at night. I generally find about 2 hours for myself after everyone is in bed at night (hence the blogging time right now!) But this keeps me up to the point where I am not getting enough sleep. Then there are my days "off" when I drive my oldest daughter and her friend to and from school and work my 2nd job at home.

I love everything I'm doing - but I'm so tired! LOL Some days are so packed there is no time to cook dinner. Just no time. I had "meet the teacher" nights two nights this week. I had a meeting with our work accountant on my day off. There is so much more I want to do - Em want to take a dance and art class - but I just don't know when. Church is Saturday night and I'd like to be in more activities - but how? There are teen nights my daughter wants to go to --

I figured it out - I need a clone. Yep. That's it. A clone mom. She can do ALL the driving! LOL

This is a season in my life and I am grateful for it. In too short a time my kids will be grown and I will be lonely. I'm feeling guilty for working so much yet it's a necessity financially.

Anyway - just thought I'd complain a little before bed. Makes the dreams that much more sweet! LOL!

Have a blessed week,


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