Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Alice in Wonderland Complex

Does it ever hit you that you have no idea who the heck you are?  It does me all the time.  I know that I am not the only one who has diverse interests and difficulty channeling them into a cohesive lifestyle - or am I??? 

I've struggled with this blogging thing for years now.  Every "improve your blog" article/post that I've read says to find your niche and go for it.  But I don't HAVE a single niche. 

I love to cook - but I don't want a cooking blog.  I am a Jesus girl - but I do not want a strictly Christian blog. 

I am a Mom, a homeschooler, an avid reader, a thrifter, a couponer, a life-long learner.   I am very in to plus size fashion, makeup, manicures, hair and fashion trends.  I love movies and music.  I am very family oriented & love my family and close friends.  I am out in the dating world and I am part of an interracial couple.  I work from home and own a small business.  I have a hard time keeping up with housework (think FlyLady).  I love photography.  I am living on a tiny, itty bitty budget.  I love Pinterest and Facebook.  I am trying to lose weight and become healthy.  (Spark People)

I am all of these things, yet none of them define me.  How do I work all of these things to my advantage and find bloggy friends?  All of the blogs I follow (over 100) fit in to one of the categories I've made to house them:

*Media blogs
*Fashion blogs
*Weight loss blogs
*Recipe blogs
*Inspiring Mom blogs

Mine could fit into every category. 

It's really quite funny as this post is a PERFECT representation of my life.  I have the most difficult time focusing and narrowing things down.  My life is this hodge-podge of things and my life is stretched between them. 

So after typing this and re-reading it, I guess I'm not all that different from most women out there.   We have a lot on our plates and a whole lot of hats to wear. 

I suppose what I need to do is make this blog for me - say what I feel like saying - and not worry about the rest. 

So blessings to all of you out there - no matter what category you might fit in :)


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