Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plan-Ahead Sunday

I plan-ahead for the week every Sunday.  I am an infinite list maker and goal setter!  I can't help but sit down and get all the thoughts out of my head or else I will lose them forever!!

SUNDAY:  Doing some blogging/reading this morning, then heading to church at 11:30.  This afternoon will be all about laundry, housework, lesson-planning, and budgeting.  Also have transcription to do for work.

MONDAY: Staying in all day today :)  Homeschooling with Em and making some presidential notebooking pages going for a nature walk (ok, guess not staying in ALL day)  and making a new recipe for dinner - Kung Pao Chicken!  (See Menu Plan Monday or Cooking Thursday posts this week for recipe!!)  More transcription and a couple of hours of work from home.

TUESDAY:  Fat Tuesday!  No packis for us! Today is pay day (thank you God!) and I have some bills to pay and a few stores to go to.   Homeschooling with the daily routine plus some Mardi Gras fun!  Emily and I are going to see either The Muppets or Big Miracle (a late b-day movie).  Dinner, of course, will be chicken and shrimp jambalaya!!!  And more work-at-home stuff, of course! 

WEDNESDAY:  Wednesday is back to basics with homeschool.  The evening will be spent with the four of us at my parents' house with my sisters for dinner. 

THURSDAY:  Another nature walk today, work from home, homeschool, housework, and hopefully a date with my Sweetness :) 

FRIDAY:  Friday is the one day of the week I actually work from the office!  Emily will go with me where she has access to a computer and everything else she needs to do her school work.  Friday night is kids' night for dinner and I know it will be some type of chicken legs (Jennah's choice this week) -  recipe in MPM post!  We usually spend Friday nights goofing around, watching videos on the computer,  playing ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, LIZARD, SPOCK (my son loves this).

And finally....

SATURDAY:  Which is family fun day.  It changes week to week - but we do spend the evening at my parents' house for dinner again! 

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  1. Thanks for your note. I'm sorry I got upset. God got in me line and gave me peace, and I stopped checking to see if it was there. I am happy for you to use it.