Monday, March 19, 2012

Another "Day One" - recipe & new product review

I can't tell you how many "day ones" I've had in my life.  Those days where you're going to change your life?  Eat healthfully, exercise, get your house organized, etc. etc. etc.  Well, I'm not feeling any of that - but I started anyway.  Because the days that are hard - the days where you don't feel well - those are the most important days of all to hang in there.  I have a terrible head cold and lots of congestion - but I didn't want to wait any longer to start feeling better, ya know?

I'm starting slow and easy here - using Spark People because I just adore them! 

I should note - I get a LOT of calories/points per day 'cuz I am a big girl :)  Obviously this is more food than most of you would eat in a day - but I am even at the low-end of my target range! 

I track my food, water, and exercise every day.  (Well, starting today I do *snicker*)  I have four or five people who have volunteered to go walking with me - so no excuses there!  And I am joining Weight Watchers with my nearly 16-year-old daughter on the recommendation of her pediatrician.  So all in all - it's just time. 

BREAKFAST:  Thomas' everything bagel thin w/ one egg, one 70-calorie sausage patty, 1/2 a banana and Yoplait light yogurt in cherry cobbler

SNACK:  Fruit and walnut salad from McDonalds and an unsweetened iced tea (210 calories)

LUNCH:  90-calorie flatout wrap w/ 1 oz roast beef, 1 TBS roasted garlic  hummus, 1-pt string cheese, lettuce and banana peppers rolled inside, a dill pickle

SNACK:  Kraft milk and granola bar in oatmeal raisin (I am NOT a milk drinker and this has not-so-bad stats and tastes like an awesome creamy, cold oatmeal raisin cookie and has as much calcium as an entire glass of milk in it!) 

DINNER:  Hungry Girl buffalo chicken fajitas (REALLY good, will make again!)  in corn tortillas and a side of Brussels sprouts and a bowl of cabbage white bean soup. 

No kidding -  I'm amazed at how much I can eat for my calorie allotment!  I lost 50 pounds doing this before (yes, gained back 33 of them!)  so I'm going to keep doing what works for me.

EXERCISE:  Since I"m a bit under the weather, I took it easy and did 2 Spark People videos - upper and lower body stretches.  I've been sedentary pretty much all winter!  Thought I should stretch out.  I have a walk planned for tomorrow :)

WATER:  This will be a work in progress - I think I got in 5 eight-oz glasses. 

Have a great week!


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  1. Every day is day #1 :)
    One day at a time, and before we know it... We are there :)