Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plan Ahead/Cook Ahead Sunday

 Here we are, Sunday again.  I had a pretty unorganized week and I don't want to duplicate that for the week coming up! 

Since we sprung ahead this morning, I feel an hour behind, lol.  It's nearly noon! 

So far this morning I unloaded the dishwasher and cooked ahead a few things for the week as well as prepped some veggie containers for quick snacks for the girls and I. 

Of note - Aldi has some super cheap veggies this week!  I am going to stop by for more staples :)

Last week I mentioned that I had broken up with the man I've been seeing for the past two weeks - well last night he asked for a second chance and I've decided to give it to him.  So we shall see.  If he doesn't step up his game, it will be a waste of both of our times!!

MONDAY:  Need to rent a storage facility (work) and set up two moves from different locations.  Homeschool with Em.  Get outside for a nature walk!  Back to Aldi for more veggies.  Mail out 2 resumes.

TUESDAY:  More work and homeschool.  Maybe a date with Larry - I suppose it all depends if he asks or not.  hmmmmmm

WEDNESDAY:  Work move???  Homeschool with Em.  Dinner w/ the kids at my parents.

THURSDAY:  Plan to go to the Detroit Institute of Art with my girls :)  Bible study in the evening.

FRIDAY:  Grocery shopping - bill paying. 

SATURDAY:  St. Patty's day - dinner at parents' house with kids.

SUNDAY:  Church and plan/cook ahead!

It's boring - but it's mine!  lol

Have a great week ahead,


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  1. Not boring at all, it's pretty much what my weeks consist of and I wouldn't want it any other way :)