Sunday, March 4, 2012

Plan Ahead Sunday


I didn't have the most stellar week - but I am still feeling very positive, if not a little bit snarky! 

* My biggest client is shutting down his office.  There goes my one source of financial stability!  He is keeping me on as his personal business administrator - but this means I will need to find another client ASAP!

*I broke up with the man I've been seeing for the past 2-1/2 months.  He was wrong for me.  Good guy.  But not necessarily good for me.  But you know,  I am PROUD of myself - because a couple of years ago I would have held on for dear life simply because I didn't want to be alone.  Go me!

*THRIFTING:  Well, it was good and bad.  I'm super depressed about how much my favorite haunts have gone up in price.  I got my daughter 4 pieces of clothing and it cost 21 bucks!!!  She absolutely adores the bohemian-like jeans and top and we found her a J-Lo pleated demin skirt and a London brand unique hoody - so I won't complain too much.  I got a couple of deals for myself tho - a corningware dish with lid that was 1/2 price at 4.50 and a ribbon message board that goes perfectly with the theme/colors of my room for 2.99.  So not great - but better than nothing!


  • Get resume out there!
  • Get cord for laptop ordered
  • Get this place cleaned up!  (My kids utterly destroyed my home over the past two days!)
  • Stick to healthy eating plan
  • Even if it's tiny - do some exercise!!!  (I'll settle for anything!!)
  • Blog at least 3 times.  Keeps me grounded.
  • Make each of my kids feel special
  • Take dinner over to my friend's family after her surgery

  • MONDAY - Work, homeschool, exercise (?) housework -  start sending resumes
  • TUESDAY - See above (One of my best friends having surgery - check on her)
  • WEDNESDAY - Go to office to organize charts & set up medical records for copying/distribution,  dinner at parents'
  • THURSDAY - More of the same!  Starting new Bible study tonight.
  • FRIDAY - Work at office (see WED)
  • SATURDAY - Cooking lesson w/ Jennah (my 15 yo) + driving lesson,  visit parents
  • SUNDAY - Church, plan for week, blog, laundry, cleaning
Looks like a pretty boring week, lol.  Nothing wrong with that!


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