Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Weight Watcher Day with Cake in it

So today wasn't the best eating day in the world - but in WW lingo I only went over one point - and in calories only about 50 calories - so all in all, I call that a win!  Oh - it's my baby sister's 30th b-day - and we got Mexican food.  I planned ahead and ate light during the day.  I ordered shrimp fajitas with corn tortillas.  I ate a handful of corn chips.  I had a small piece of cake.  One scoop of ice cream.  I tracked EVERY bite! 

*NOTE -  I try never to use my activity points or weekly points.  I know it works great for a lot of people, but I do better just eating my daily points :) 

I've been struggling with a sinus infection or something equally glamorous for the past three days.  Yesterday I worked for 2 hours picking up and moving packing boxes for work (long story) and that is about all the exercise I've gotten so far.  The good news is - 2  hours of picking up and moving boxes burns a LOT of calories! 

Tomorrow is supposed to be our last totally gorgeous day.  81 and sunny.  I WILL fit a walk in!  I've been too congested/coughy/body-achy/headachy for the past few days to do it, but tomorrow I shall!  I also pulled out my summer shoes and clothes and I am hopeful that I will stay motivated and positive. 

Here is a printable 2012 walking log - I'm going to use it to track my progress.  I walk SLOW and I start out not going very far - but I hope that using this will encourage me to KEEP going :)

or daily  :)      Things like that help me - I like visuals!  

 10 pm.  I'm off to bed.  Going to watch an episode of Eureka and then (hopefully) get a sound night's sleep!

Never give up!


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