Monday, March 19, 2012

Plan Ahead/Cook Ahead Sunday March 18th

Time for me to plan my week!  Last week was full of work, kids, a movie & dinner date, cooking, cleaning, and all the other things that make my life go 'round.

I am linked up with Vanessa over at one of my favorite thrifting blogs, Thrift Core! 

Speaking of thrifting - I scored a pair of capris, a super cute skirt, & a couple of pair of new socks for Em.  I passed on the most perfect small china/hutch/thingie that was on a 30-minute special for 12.50!  Kicking myself now :(  

Today I will be stopping by the store for a few ingredients to whip up some sides and a batch of soup for the week.  Menu planning, lesson planning, cleaning, etc. 

MONDAY:  Payday - have to pay my phone, electric, heat and joining Weight Watchers with my sister and my almost 16-year-old daughter.  Also homeschool with Em, laundry, and couple hours of work.

TUESDAY:  Lots of work hunting down charts. I do know that a big part of the day will be working and homeschooling.  (Em will do part of her schooling while I am hunting down a needle in a haystack for work!) 

WEDNESDAY:  It is my baby sister's 30th birthday!  Ha!  More work and homeschooling, dinner at my parents with a family b-day party for my sis.

THURSDAY:  Work, homeschool, and evening Bible study.

FRIDAY:  Work, homeschool, and if the weather stays nice - maybe the drive in with my girls?

SATURDAY:  Work meeting in the a.m., plan something w/ the kids for the afternoon, and evening at my parents with my family.

SUNDAY:  Church & planning ahead!


1.  Have a successful first week of WW
2.  Motivate my daughter & sister w/ healthy recipes and walks in this gorgeous weather!
3.  Get all my work caught up
4.  Get all of my 'business' done on Monday (financial stuff)
5.  Make my kids feel special
6.  Get my bills paid
7.  Have a great time and meet new friends at Bible study
8.  Take Mt. Washmore DOWN!
9.  Blog every day (REALLY!)

Have a great week!


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