Saturday, March 24, 2012

Points & Pounds

So I went to Weight Watchers last night with my sister and my daughter.  They were all very nice and supportive.

I can already tell that the amount of points they gave me is WAY too many calories :( I know they tell you to eat all of your points - but WHY if you've eaten 3 healthy meals, had a couple of good-for-you snacks and you are not at all hungry? I'd love to sit down with one of the creators of the Points Plus plan and find out all the scientific evidence! It works for thousands of people - so who am I to question?

Again - I think WW is a wonderful program and I am grateful to be going with my sister and daughter! I also LOVE our leader. She lost over 160 pounds - so she can really relate to us!

I still haven't really gotten the exercise bug. I keep telling myself 'self - you really SHOULD go outside & walk' but then i answer myself 'naaaaah i don't wanna' - i need a kick in the pants!!!

Tomorrow I will be moving boxes at work again so that is at least some activity - but I need to get my walk on! emoticon

Have a very blessed Sunday all - keep it healthy and real! emoticon


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