Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to another week of Menu Plan Monday, hosted by the Org Junkie! Make sure to check it out and get a ton of great recipes and menu ideas every single week!

We had one of our new family favorites tonight, Taco Pasta Toss, another Rachael Ray find! 2 out of 3 kids will eat it, so that is a hit! (The other one eats plain noodles and veggies) I found another bloggie review for this recipe too! Just like pictures above, we top ours with taco fixin's and we also have a salad on the side.

Tomorrow night I am going to utilize Zatarran's Jambalaya mix and add shrimp, turkey sausage, bell peppers, onions, chicken, tomatoes and maybe something else too if I think of it at the time! I love the spices in the mix and never quite match it when I make jambalaya from scratch. I'll serve it up with some steamed veggies and a big green salad.

Tuesday night we'll be having oven-baked tilapia, risi e bisi, steamed broccoli & cauliflower, and green salad.

Wednesday night we go to my parents' house.

Thursday night I'm going to a friend's house for dinner, so the rest of the family will have pizza.

Friday night I'll be making Spaghetti ala Philly and garlic-cheese biscuits with green beans and salad. (The spaghetti a la Philly was found at one of my fav food blogs!)
Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. H

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  1. The spaghetti ala Philly sounds really good. Never tried put cream cheese into my pasta dishes.