Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

I have missed doing Happy Homemaker Monday for the longest time!  Sandra is just the kindest, most wonderful Internet friend to so many people!  I want you to know you are appreciated!

The weather:::
We still are not having the typical Michigan winter.  It's strange because most years people are walking around complaining to one another about the snow - and here we are complaining to everyone about the LACK of it!  Close to 50-degrees here today!

On my reading pile::: 
My Nook was under the weather (GASP!) for about a week so I just happily returned to the last 1/4 of "Outlander" by Diane Gabaldon.  An epic romance with time travel to the Scottish Highlands!
On my TV:::
If I am completely honest - I will be watching last week's "Grey's Anatomy" on tonight!  It's the one current tv show I actually still wath regularly!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Cinncinnati Chili Five Ways
Tuesday - Lemon pepper roasted chicken with potatoes, carrots, and green beans
Wednesday -  Dinner with my parents & kids
Thursday - Ham & Swiss Stromboli with a big green salad
Friday - Tacos with refried beans & spanish rice
Saturday - Dinner with my parents again :)

On my to do list:::
Work from home

  Looking around the house:::
A glass of Coke with ice, My Bible on top of my Beth Moore James study with colored pencils, discarded jewelry I took off in a rush! disorganized paperwork, my cat Sophie curled up on my bed.

From the camera:::

I am camera-less :(  

Something fun to share:::
I read on a blog somewhere (sorry!) where she took the tops of strawberries (red portion still attached) and placed them in a bundt pan, covered them with water, and made an ice wreath!  I thought this was SO cool!  It looked amazing and as it melts the birds will get some fruit. 

On my prayer list:::
Family, work, friends, bloggers, troops, church family.

Bible verse, Devotional:::

I have been doing this Bible Study for about 6 weeks now.  I never knew how AMAZING the book of James is! 

Faith apart from good works is inactive, ineffective and worthless (paraphrased James 2:20)


  1. Awww you are just so sweet and I've missed chatting with you online :) Hope you're doing well. I decided to step away from FB and concentrate on full time blogging so I almost feel like I'm missing out on a lot.

    I have that Diana Gabaldon book on my kindle, now I really want to read it :)

    I hope you're having a good week. Hugs girly!

  2. I want to read the Help. My Kindle has been sorely neglected!
    We are having Taco's on Friday too. ;-)

  3. This is a neat idea for a post! Glad you found me, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  4. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for stopping by. You said you live in Michigan? I live between Grand Rapids and Grand Haven. I'm also doing the Beth Moore James study. We started last week and I'm sure it will be great, as all of hers are!